Form Waves

discovery and experimentation - training

orm Waves Training is for everyone. No previous knowledge is required.

s it is based on radiesthesy and radionics, general knowledge on both is provided.

bove all, this training is practical:
the entire teaching will be experimented step by step during each session.

he first module already provides complete autonomy during its practice.
The complete course is composed of 2 modules, 2 days each.
A final third one is actuelly in prepararion.

raining takes place regularly throughout France and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Spain...).



Module I

Radiesthesy: use of pendulum, exercises and applications

Radionic: study of elementary rules

Study of elementary Symbolism

Creation of radionic references

Study of Form Wave modules

Exercises and experiments

Method of personal form wave creation


Two teams of trainers are able to deliver this teaching:

Patricia D. & Fabrice M.

Valérie D. & Erwan M.


Module II

Sharing of experiences

Further study of symbols

Study of additional components (homeopathy, minerals, Hebrew letters, runes…)

Study of Form Wave modules

Exercises and experiments


heir meeting with Joachim was essential in their path. He led them to experience simplicity, their own inner power and the depth of self development techniques. They are fully entitled to transmit the teaching of form waves'.


form waves