Form Waves

discovery and experimentation - form waves

form wave is a drawing composed of geometric forms and symbols. A symbol expresses, despite its simplicity, a rich reality. It synthesises a universe of concepts, ideas and phenomenons.

on't we create logos to represent companies and their activities? A seed, for example, is a type of symbol. It carries the entire potential of a tree, its future fruits and thus of the forest that will come…

ll shapes emit waves. The action and the power of these form waves depend on the shape itself. The more defined and regular the shape, the stronger its influence is because it is closer to cosmic archetypes.

e can find these pure geometric forms in nature : circles, stars, spirals, squares, triangles…

ome shapes have great strength becasue they have been nourished


through ancestral traditions : the Taoist yin-yang, the Egyptian life cross, Salomon's star

e use form waves as a way to transport an intention, a wish, a request.

hese requests may concern the resolution of general situations and material or emotional problems. They may even concern the spiritual path.

o resume, it is a practice that teaches us an efficient way to pray.

omparing it to prayer is not erroneous. We are not trying to change our destiny.

e put ourselves in the hand of a higher principle to find the most adapted solution to our situation. Doing this allows us to resolve the initial causes.


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hese causes are generally beyond our understanding. Through this practice we often are witnesses of surprising and very pertinent resolutions to our requests.

he only limits in using form waves are the ones we have inside, like believing that it is impossible or that a situation cannot have any solution.

e are our own obstacle and own spring-board in our life.

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