Form Waves

discovery and experimentation - form waves (end)

hese causes are generally beyond our understanding. Through this practice we often are witnesses of surprising and very pertinent resolutions to our requests.

he only limits in using form waves are the ones we have inside, like believing that it is impossible or that a situation cannot have any solution.

e are our own obstacle and own spring-board in our life. Lets take a concrete example:

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You have been searching for a job for one month. You need to fight against a case of pessimism that is defeating you and you have a job interview next week. You do a form wave to deblock your professional situation.

he interview takes place, you are feeling relaxed and ready. Meanwhile, this answer is negative… you are strangely optimistic despite the failed attempt. One week later, a new opportunity presents itself. The job seems to suite you better and you are hired.

utting ourselves into a higher state of mind avoids wrong usage, consciously or not. Malevolent demands are simply not realised.

n this case, the user will always have to face a return to make him understand his or her mistake.
It is the "chock in return".


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he form waves we are studying are coded to act only positively for evolution.

hey originally came to us in meditation by observing problems around us.

ost of the forms we are proposing come from modified states of consciousness, as do the forms-ideas©.


form waves