Form Waves

discovery and experimentation - experimentation



his teaching about form waves is essentially pratical so we are going to experiment with this discipline.

irst of all, what do we need for this work?

a white sheet of paper

a pencil

some sulfuric powder

an id photo (less than 6 months)

a little cotton

a pendulum

the regular decagon A4 format

the '36 spheres' board A3 format

these boards are available in the download section.


e are going to proceed step by step:

1. Cleaning the boards with sulfur
2. Forming the request
3. Energizing the subjects
4. Determining the correct sphere
5. Determining the form wave's duration
6. Setting up the form wave
7. "Switch off" the form wave

Cleaning the boards with sulfur

ulfur has a peculiarity of cleaning astral imprints. These energetic residues arise from previous use.

hey perturb the form waves because they interfere with the subject's energies. This ultimately disperses as much energy as used.


n pharmaceutical terms, sulfur is named 'flower of sulfur' or even 'sublimated sulfur'.

e place a little of the powder on a sheet of paper and softly rub it in.

e thus clean the board with the sulfur.


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form waves