Form Waves

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Forming the request

e must determine on what we are going to work on. Are we going to use a form wave to find some work, to harmonize our romantic relationships, to resolve our money troubles? There is no lack in subjects!

e are going to form our request in a positive way, as if it has already been realized. For example, "my financial situation is de-blocked".

rite this formula on a scrap of paper in lead pencil. Avoid synthetic ink because our materials must be the highest quality as possible, for optimal use.



he paper, with the request so noted, is called the formula:

Energizing the subjects

lace the subject in the center of a regular decagon: the photo and piece of cotton soaked in saliva.

t is important that you are alone in the original photograph (if it was cut). The picture should be less than six months old, otherwise it will have lost all energetic validity.


o not use the pictures of other people, this is personal work! In truth, it requires other methods we won't explain here.

eave the subject in place for 20 minutes to revitalize it.

Note: the cotton should be kept within the small numbered circles of the '36 spheres' form wave.

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