Form Waves

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Determinating the correct sphere

hile the subjects are being energized, thanks to the pendulum we are going to determine which of 36 spheres are needed for the type of work desired*.

Determinating the form waves' duration

ow we are going to determine the form wave's duration. We will still resort to our pendulum*.

arefully note the information given from the pendulum. It will soon be useful.

* giving radiesthesy basis is out of our purpose here. There are numerous excellent books on the subject.

revenir au début


Setting up the form wave

nce the subject's energization has ended, we can move onto setting up the form wave.

irst, we set the board in a working area directed towards the North.

e place the formula in the center of the 36 sphere form wave (writing faced upward) and the photo of the subject on the formula (also facing upward) and the subject's cotton in the sphere found earlier.

ow, we have to activate the form wave: we start a circular movement with the pendulum over the board so that the movement encircles the entire shape.

fter a few seconds, we let the movement die down until it completely stops (over the center of the board).



"Switching off" the form wave

e leave the form wave in place during the time defined in stage 5 then we 'switch it off'.

eaning that we remove the formula and the subject. We put away the board until its next use and tear up the formula.

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e careful , we can not work on others with this form wave. This requires other techniques which exceed the frame of this article.

form waves