Form Waves

Author and creator of this teaching - Joachim



oachim is a musician, poet, writer, narrator, and creator of self development techniques.

n inner space adventurer, he defines himself as a "soul ferryman".

ith his knowledge of sacred geometry, symbolism and esoteric sciences, he invites us on a journey through form-ideas© and form waves.

his teaching is only one of his many self development techniques:

Manual energy technique: purifies vital centers and harmonizes the being by liberating fears and blockages. Acts on the deep causes of physical, emotional and psychic states.

Mudra Pater
Sacred gesture of the universal prayer 'Our Father'.


TranseDanse Communicative®
(communicative trance dance)
Through the rhythm of shamanic instruments, let yourself vibrate with the universes rhythms to heal your soul.

Revolutionary technique in the universe of the 'Tarot de Marseille'. Understand your past to fully live your present and build your future.

Sei Mei Ki Do
Corporal gestures that activate Qi while associating our verb and breathing to reconnect to nature and ourselves.

Ananda Yoga
Your thoughts, words and actions make what you are. Through listening and working on the meaning behind words with the help of sacred texts, you will be able to fully understand this concept.


Keys of Life, Keys of Success
Shamanic techniques to take our life back into our hands.

and many others...

ll these techniques have only one center, like rays of the same wheel: the Being and only one movement:

form waves